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Decoration of interiors in houses

decoracion de interiores

Interior decoration is the way of distributing or decorating the internal spaces of the home, office or apartment. This is achieved through the placement of different furniture or objects, which collaborate harmoniously, to create a pleasant sensation to the eye. but this sensation will be subjective, as each person will achieve the atmosphere you want. For the same reason it is said that decoration is a personal process.

Advice on interior decoration

Decoration is not only about taking care of the aesthetic elements, but also about having a commitment to well-being, quality of life, desires and expectations.

Ask yourself what colors inspire you, both you and those who will share the space, which styles are more in tune with your personality, what objects you would like to have, etc.. Everything will also depend on your lifestyle, as it will not be the same decoration without preferring to watch television every night than if you are never in the room or if you share it with someone else. In this way we get more clues than we want for that particular sector or room.

It is important to take into account different factors such as space and distribution. Place furniture, decorative elements and objects within the space without interrupting the flow of traffic. Defining the decorative style and color palette is essential.

You also need to make a selection of textures that will be used on surfaces, furniture and accessories. Choose floor and wall coverings. Objects, furniture and decorative objects, as well as define how much natural light will be used and which parts will be illuminated only with artificial light.

As you can see, it won’t be such a simple process, but it will be a lot of fun because decorating the home is an incredible and personalized experience.