Kitchens Decoration

Undoubtedly the kitchen is the place in the house where we spend more time. Hence, the distribution and decoration of the kitchen must be aligned with our tastes to transmit tranquility. Find ideas, tricks and inspiration for the decoration of the house.

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In addition to decoration, another of the problems we find in the kitchen is space. Choose the right furniture, take advantage of spaces and lighting according to our needs is what we pursue with the decoration of the kitchen. For furniture, it is best to choose furniture that allows us to take advantage of both the interior and exterior spaces. There are many utensils that are used in the kitchen, so having a good storage system is essential to not finish without spaces to make our dishes.

Lighting is another point to consider. We can choose between warm or cold light, it will depend a lot on the tastes of each and the amount of lighting suitable to achieve comfort in the kitchen. Cold light will always give us more light that can help us when it comes to cooking. While the warm light can provide an ambient lighting at lunchtime or relax in the kitchen.

Hanging the pans on the wall, take advantage of the doors of the cabinets to store crockery or utensils, use the corners of the kitchen, hang a basket for bags or take advantage of the space above the countertop are some ideas to give a perfect touch in the decoration of our kitchen, although we have a small kitchen and we have little space. The distribution of the utensils will depend on the tastes of each one.

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