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Decoration of modern kitchens

decoracion de cocinas

The kitchen is the familiar space of every house, a place where you want to spend time baking, cooking or simply preparing a quick snack. There are different aspects that are decisive when you want to design a kitchen to achieve maximum productivity that is possible. For that reason we will touch here some subjects to solve at the moment of decorating the kitchen.

The best advice when decorating your kitchen

The white color helps to obtain amplitude and luminosity.

One of the main colours for modern kitchen decoration is white. This colour helps to give a larger visual effect as well as giving a feeling of cleanliness. It can be achieved by enhancing the natural light as well as the color of the walls. They transmit simplicity, elegance and tranquility.

Kitchens with a bar or island

This style is typical of contemporary kitchens as they open up space to the living room or dining room without partitions and take advantage of more space. An idea used in studios, apartments and lofts.

Tall kitchen units

This type of furniture helps to gain storage space, the higher they are, the more you can store in them. They can be adapted to the space and even include appliances in them.

Contrasts with color

Although white is the dominant colour, a contrasting colour is necessary to bring the kitchen to life. The touch of colour creates a pleasant, fun and youthful space, giving a more chic touch. It is not necessary to abuse because with pastel colors you can obtain interesting combinations.

It can be achieved with the white furniture with the black or coloured worktop to achieve a natural contrast.

Stainless steel and metallic accessories.

In modern kitchens, stainless steel appliances are often chosen as well. This material can also be present in furniture and wardrobes or on the worktop and dashboard. The color metal is associated with cleanliness and hygiene, is also linked to luxury by its resemblance to silver. It is also widely used in the industrial kitchen.

Minimalism and modern kitchens

Minimalism is characterized by having only simple, organic or straight furniture and cabinets with little ornamentation. Functionality and pragmatism are important.