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Minimalist bathroom decoration

decoracion baños

One thing we can emphasize when we reform the home décor is the renovation and decoration of the bathroom. To have some idea about the decoration of baths is fundamental to have a stay that fulfills its main function that is to give us tranquility and peace when we are in it.

Tips for decorating your bathroom

A modern and innovative bathroom will not only make for a pleasant stay for the inhabitants of the home, but will also be praised by the guests. That’s why we talk about bathroom decoration and how to achieve the one you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether your bathroom is small where you can decorate it with corner furniture, a wardrobe under the sink or change the door for a slide. Or that your bathroom is large where you can decorate it will be simpler with space for a whirlpool bath, double sink and a spa at home.

There are many original ideas to store the bathroom decoration for any size, the key is to know how to choose the best solutions for each case.

Decoration of modern bathrooms

A modern bathroom decoration consists of minimalism. The principle of minimalism is the lack of objects and simplicity, because its motto is «less is more». This makes the space look much cleaner and bigger. Generally speaking, a modern bathroom is characterised by the use of straight lines.

The basin basins have bowl or square shapes, the bathtubs and showers have organic or rectangular shapes, the cupboards have flat and plain colours. The walls are white or warm. The wood is also very used for this type of decoration, as well as elements carved in it.

No matter what type of bathroom you have or wish to have, everything is possible with a good use of the decoration and the arrangement of the elements to achieve the bathroom you have always wanted.