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Decoration of colourful atmospheres

decoracion de ambientes colores

The most important thing to do when decorating environments is to maintain a consistency between the type of furniture, lighting, color palette and style to follow. So, to make it so simple we will give you some tips to decorate the spaces that will serve to achieve an effective interior decoration.

Change the arrangement of the furniture

We can assure you that, by placing the furniture in a different way, it will give a totally different aspect to the usual decoration. In other cases, adding an auxiliary piece of furniture can give the same effect. In the bedroom decoration you can change the double bed instead of using the coat rack as the headboard.

Restoring furniture and giving it a rustic look

If changing the location of the furniture is not enough, it is time to get to work and rehabilitate some furniture that is more deteriorated or bought reused. The results will be great and will result in maintaining a vintage style in the home that is very fashionable. The style of decoration with soft lines gives a pure rustic style.

Investing in original objects

A simple way to decorate an environment is to invest in very original decorative objects such as ceramics, paintings, blankets, cushions, carpets, etc.. That, when selected with a good criterion, will give a radical change in the decoration of the interior.

To place flowerpots with plants or flowers

Another idea for the decoration of environments is to make arrangements with plants that give life to the environmental decoration. This possibility can be applied in the decorations of living room, bathrooms, corridors and bedrooms, even the kitchen. The only drawback is that not all natural plants are suitable for all sites.

Giving lamps the limelight

Giving different lighting can be expensive, but there are beautiful, low-cost lamps that have spectacular designs and can become the strong point of room decoration.