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Rustic interior decoration

decoracion rusticas de interiores

To decorate the house in a classic and traditional way, you can use hand weaving or flowers, textiles on the wall or if you prefer to flood with wood and warm colors the home will be sensational. Regarding the use of furniture, it is recommended to use a wooden table with benches or an old door made of recycled wood as a coffee table. If you also want to add a touch of whitewash to the furniture will renovate your home and improve the interior decoration of the home.

Advice on rustic decoration

The main protagonist of this style is the use of the chromatic range. Yellow, green grass or blue can help, as well as wood colours.

In the same way we can complement the rustic decoration with accessories such as bird cages, recycled glass bottles or handmade dolls.

The choice of furniture is fundamental, a wooden sideboard and copper supports will be great. However, we recommend you not to abuse them. It is convenient to put the furniture just so that the space is not reduced.

The fabrics are also an aspect to consider, you can cover the beds with a duvet with a floral print, place old cotton curtains with soft tones such as blue and pink. Cover the dining table with shimmering tablecloths that have floral and fruit designs.

The accessories are the element that will give the final touch, the decoration with glass and vases can give a very special style. You can fill your home with old glass vases with fresh flowers. Glass can be blown by hand so that the traditional effect increases. The atmosphere will be purely rustic, dare to try and give that style to your home you’ve always wanted, of course with your essence always in all the changes you make.