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Decoration for small bathrooms

decoracion baños pequeños

Wanting to decorate can sometimes become a problem, currently one of those problems is not having a really large space to be able to redecorate our bathroom, because we believe it will not look good at all, but everything is possible and you can get an incredible decoration even without having too much space.

Since space is not an excuse, so take note of the different ideas to decorate your bathroom and make it totally to your liking.

Use of Tile

The use of tiles is perfect for the style of small bathrooms, even more so if they are decorated, for example; the tiles wrapped in the Mediterranean style are booming and give an elegant, cheerful and unique style.

The tiles can be used combining modern geometric figures, circles, squares among others. These are perfect to decorate the bathrooms and you will see that they will look incredible.

Painted Walls

One way to give life and above all color to a room is to paint the walls of the place we seek to decorate, but now, what is in trend in the bathroom decorations is to paint a single wall of the same, with a dark color, such as black, as this will give an elegant touch, on that wall you can put a mirror and one or another small picture, the result will be extremely modern.

Art on the wall

Art is in fashion, whether it’s our own or an artist’s.

In the bathroom undoubtedly looks fantastic, but you must take care that they are images that are on par with your bath, a good idea are fish, flowers or paintings that have some geometric figure, as they will give an impeccable balance.