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Decoration of classic halls

decoracion salones clasicos

Halls are an important part of our homes, so we should always try to have them in fashion, for when we are offered to take visits or spend important moments with our family.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find different ideas or tips for decorating our rooms, there are so many … but luckily there are patterns that will hardly go out of fashion, because they are extremely elegant and have notorious characteristics that we must take into account, even if we decide to give a new life to our rooms or if we just moved to a new house.


The curtains are a point of extreme importance, since they will form fundamental part for the decoration of our hall, which they must intone perfectly with the painting that you have chosen, that by the way; this one will have to be tenuous and warm colors, so that they transmit thoughtful feelings and it is really pleasant to spend the afternoon or the time in your hall.

The curtains, usually can have an elegant cut, with folds, to be long or short, the important point is that it does not mismatch with the environment.

Clocks and pictures

Classics in the living rooms, in each living room set in a classic style, there is no lack of what are the pictures or watches, which are generally of a square shape with a strong and striking frame, while the watches are circular and round.

A bit of life

The flowers or plants are a fundamental touch that will be difficult to miss, as it will give that touch that lacks the environment, which will move away from a serious and severe style.

Plants should be placed in classic pots, which do not have many colors and that do not clash, while flowers can be with vases that have strong colors.