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Decoration of modern halls

decoracion de salon

There are both small and very large, with a lot of light or a sombre touch. Of all sizes and shapes, but whatever your living room, we will give you some recommendations to get the best out of your furniture, accessories, lighting, fabrics and materials in the decoration of the room.

Influences Salon Decoration
Light and space

The secret is to clear the living room by placing the furniture from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling. A showcase will help to have a storage space. Avoid high furniture near the windows to let in more light.
Enlarging the living room is possible

Contrary to popular belief, small furniture is not favorable because it dwarfs the space. The same thing happens with wooden floors or small tiles, you can achieve it with large furniture, but well organized and without saturating the space.
The distribution

Start with the large elements such as the TV cabinet, the sofa and the coffee table. We must also take into account the location of windows and radiators to place them in the best place. Once they are placed, the smallest details follow. Such as space for books or other accessories that collections, lamps, etc..
Between fabrics

Natural fabrics always work. Cotton and linen upholstery is cool in summer and warm in winter. You can have spectacular drops in the curtains and create light covers, as well as adjust the light.
Good color

Color is a basic influencer. It is best to opt for serene and neutral bases. Ceilings and walls in white, neutral or soft tones that evoke nature and to give dynamism to the furniture place cheerful cushions, lamps and objects with striking designs.
Illuminate and you will conquer

Good lighting can be an excellent ally, especially in the living room which is the most social space of the home. Beware of abusing the spotlights as it may end up looking like a hospital. The light must be indirect and this is achieved with floor lamps, table lamps and reading lamps that ambient in different directions.