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Decoration of living room walls

decoracion de paredes de salon

The walls are the most personalized in the home. They are like a huge slate on which we can decorate, color, illuminate, hang things or superimpose walls. There are a lot of ideas to decorate the room and the best thing is that the decoration does not have to be static and can be changed as many times as you want to make variants. The pictures and mirrors are the classic object with which the walls are decorated. But nowadays there is a great variety of attractive and innovative decorative accessories. Even materials with which you can change the color and texture without having to rebuild or repaint them.

A mural to personalize the space

Murals enrich galleries, public buildings, homes and streets. An incredible trend that gives personality to our home. A modern idea that refreshes the décor of the room and gives it a sophisticated and artistic touch. Ideally, this should be done with similar tones or contrasting with those of the wall.
Handcrafted Designs

Decorative accessories can be placed as sets of plates of different sizes, which are painted in colors or metallic tones giving a modern and sensational appearance to the wall.
The mirror, infallible

Mirrors are the decorative elements of walls par excellence. Apart from their aesthetic structure, they are excellent resources to achieve the effect of a larger space, in addition to giving a colonial or classic touch to the rooms.
Modular panels

Paintings with landscapes in sequence that together form a single image are very fashionable. They give an interesting perspective to the room, as well as giving harmony. This type of paintings are perfect for the walls of the room.
Clock with original design

The watch is a classic element in decoration. But the design can give it a totally different sense, you can give a rustic, elegant, modern or minimalist air to your home.