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Decoration of small gardens

decoracion de jardines

We’ll give you some tips for decorating the garden. If you have this part of the house a little abandoned, or you are bored and want to give another air, but you do not come up with ideas to the mind, read on because surely some of these ideas will enchant you.

We can beautify our garden using the creativity and certain elements that we have in the house. We can also recycle other items such as car covers, old buckets, wood, etc..

The best tips for garden decoration

It is possible to combine an old staircase with some masetas. This will achieve a delicate and rustic style at the same time, very vintage that will give your home a charming touch.

If you have accumulated trunks in the patio of your house, you can use them hollowed out inside and filled with plants with flowers, the same can apply, but with stones, surprise yourself with the results of this creative adornment.

Another way to decorate the garden is using old PVC tubes. You will have to make some holes for the part that you want the flowers to come out, cover the base so that the earth does not fall, and sow the plants that are of your taste. To make it look good it is advisable to use hanging plants. The tubes can be painted in colors and will look great.

Another good idea is to use old car parts such as covers and transform them into large masseters. You can wash them very well and paint them with aerosol.

Another option for decorating the garden is to use the masetas in a different way, such as a sloping way on the ground simulating a cascade of flowers, or they can be completely lying down. You can also place the pot on top of another and create a very original perspective.

An old wheelbarrow full of flowers can give an incredible vintage air to your garden. You can also use to achieve this effect, flowers inside a cage, it will be very decorative.