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Decoration of attic terraces

diseño de terrazas

There are several tricks to decorate the terrace or a balcony that will give you an incredible option to leave a chic style in these spaces of your home.

Decoration tips for terraces

It is important to create an illuminated environment, because besides that we can highlight a plant or tree illuminating it from below, an indirect light point will give it a phenomenal style.

It is also an incredible option to give a zen aspect, this is achieved with a green space. So, if we have grass, we can place it on a part of the surface with rocky pebbles or white or colored pebbles that combine with green and give it a Japanese look and zen very careful.

Furniture plays a very important role, so it is a good idea to use furniture that gives warmth to the decoration. Wooden furniture is perfect for sunny areas, you just have to take care of them more for the wear and give them constant maintenance. Fortunately, today there are new materials made of resins that give the appearance of exterior wood and do not require maintenance.

Lighting and space in the decoration of the terrace

A shaded area is needed, this is because a shade on the terrace is essential to create a living room or dining room. Pergolas are ideal in gardens and can then be covered with vines. On the other hand, awnings are best on terraces.

The shape and size of decorative objects can vary according to the space. If the garden or terrace is small, it is good to try curved furniture, as it will give a feeling of being in a larger space.

The decorative elements are very important, we must choose them with care because the sculptures or vases contribute to the visual attention for what they must be few, but very well chosen.