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Ideas to decorate the bathroom in an original way

consejos decorar baño

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house where we like to relax and disconnect after a long day of work. What could be better than to decorate it with original bathroom furniture that transmits tranquillity and relaxation. It is not easy to decorate the bathroom, everyone has their own tastes and not everyone has that talent as an interior designer to give us original ideas. For this, we bring you a series of original ideas with different materials that you can use to give that personal touch that best suits your tastes.

1. Wallpapers: a good alternative to decorate the bathroom is to use decorative panels that fit our tastes. This will allow us to decorate the bathroom and give it a personal touch that transmits tranquility and relaxation.

2. Fun pictures: using pictures is another valid alternative to decorate the bathroom. This type of complement is very personal, but the one that works the most is the pictures set in landscapes or vegetation, since they transmit us that part of nature that helps us to disconnect from those long days of work.

3. Decoration with plants: another of the main elements in many bathrooms are plants. These are allow to give that touch of real nature in the environment, which allows us to perceive visually and with smells. A good choice for this is to opt for aromatic plants, which will allow us to return to those memories we have recorded in the mind of our mountain escapades.

4. Colour combinations: the combination of colours and materials in the bathroom allows us a lot of play to give it that characteristic and unique touch. The light colors or if in your case you are very minimalist even white, allow us to give amplitude and light to the environment. The predominant tones in this room are usually blues or pastels, which on the other hand transmit that tranquility we seek in this home stay.

5. It combines different materials (metal, marble, wood): here the decoration of the rest of the house plays an important role, following the same style to maintain the uniformity of the general decoration of the home. For more modern or minimalist finishes the metallic or marble materials can combine very well. On the other hand, if you follow a more rustic decoration and like the more classic furniture, you will have to choose wood finishes, choosing light or dark tones, depending on the finishes.

6. Storage: It is always important to have storage to keep the bathroom complements. Hence, when choosing the bathroom furniture, it is important to take into account the space available and buy the furniture with the appropriate compartments to take advantage of all possible spaces.

The next step to get to work is to buy the bathroom furniture and accessories needed to start with the decoration. To do this, you have online stores such as, where you can buy everything you need directly with home delivery and save a lot of money compared to buying in physical stores or refurbishment companies.