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Latest trends in terrace decoration

decoracion terrazas

With the arrival of the good weather many are those who prepare their terraces to enjoy the longest days of summer, the nights outdoors or sunbathe quietly in their home. In addition, restaurants or bars are also prepared to have everything ready and thus attract more customers to their businesses, making the most of their outdoor space available. In this post we will talk about the latest trends in terrace decoration and inspiration, so you can make the most of your terrace without leaving your pocket in the way.

1. Attractive colours: the colours we choose for the terrace must be cheerful, maintaining the balance of aggressiveness in the environment. Using neutral colours will allow us to transmit tranquillity and relaxation, with white being the main colour to achieve these effects.

2. Urban Garden: If you are one of those who cares about food and decide to set up a garden on your terrace, you must take into account various aspects before getting down to work. The location of it is important, think that the cultivation of vegetables needs natural light to grow properly. Therefore, you should place the garden in an area where exposure to sunlight is optimal. Another aspect to take into account is the space, depending on the type of vegetables you want to cultivate need more space or less, taking into account a minimum depth of 30 cm so that the roots can grow. And last but not least, one of the most important points, watering it. You will have to be constant with the irrigation of the crop if you want to obtain quality food to be able to consume in your main daily meals.

3. Natural materials: Using natural materials to decorate the terrace has become a trend lately. Home chairs made of wicker, teak or mahogany furniture or natural vegetable fibre (rattan, medula, bamboo). Furniture made with this type of material provides a pleasant, warm and cozy touch to any room in the home. Other fibers that we can also find in the market are sisal, medula, natural raffia, natural ropes, iron, leather or wicker, as mentioned above.

4. Relaxation area: In the private terraces, and lately also in afterwork, you can not miss a relaxing area to rest and relax after a long day of work. The choice of furniture for this room should inspire tranquility and relaxation, that is one of the main points to take into account. Sofas, poufs or Balinese beds can be a good choice for this area of our terrace.

5. Natural vegetation: the plants and their green colouring allow us to add an air of tranquillity to the environment, opting for colours to diversify the decoration of our terrace. The choice of plants must be careful, as it must be borne in mind that they will then have to be maintained. Therefore, a good choice if you do not have much time for your mini garden, is to opt for cactus or plants that need little water to survive for a long time.

All these advisors can serve you both for your private terrace and for the terrace of a restaurant, as today’s customers are increasingly demanding and want to be able to relax both at home and in any place where they are enjoying your free time.