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Decoration of bedrooms for married couples

decoracion habitacion matrimonio

If you are one of the lucky ones who has found your better half, you will ask yourself what are the different ways in which you can decorate a room where you will share moments with your partner, a decoration that not only has to please you, but your partner.

So it is a decision that must be taken together and analyzed very well. So here you will find what is fashionable for decorations in the bedrooms of marriages, so take note.

Harmony in the elements

It is an important point to achieve a bedroom that is elegant and above all showy, that attracts attention and that invites them to stay in it.

The harmony in the colors that they have to decide is a decision of extreme importance that they will have to take care of, so if in the walls they choose pastel, clear, delicate or neutral colors… it is important that in the furniture they make presence the strong and attractive colors; as they are the dark wood color, the black, green among others… this will give him an elegant touch.


Mirrors work wonders in bedrooms because they make the space look much wider, it is important that it is the right size, not too big, not too small. The figures that are in trend and hardly go out of fashion are squares, rhombuses, circles.


Since you have achieved a balance in the elements of the room, you can risk to give a touch of color more striking through a carpet with print, but you must take care that these colors are in tune with others, which can combine, usually in the carpets are circular or square.