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Decorate your garden by recycling

decoracion jardin reciclado

Wanting to decorate our garden is a laborious task, even more so when it comes to taking environmentally friendly ideas, because we do not always have a wonderful imagination to be able to take ideas.

So if you are a lover of the environment and want to give a touch designed, cared and arranged to your garden, do not hesitate here we have a variety of ingenious ideas for you to receive the materials you have in your home and you can reuse them.

Water Bottles

This is a pinto of great importance that you must take into account, every day you throw bottles into the street and many of them are not recycled, which generates a great deal of pollution. So when you buy a bottle do not throw it away and reuse it.

Then make a cut in the side that is circular, so that when the opening is ready there you can put a little soil and some seeds, you will see that you can use it as an excellent flowerpot for plants, do not forget to remove the lid.

Bottle lids

This is a merely decorative idea, as you can get all the bottle caps.

Once you have enough think of an image that you would like to recreate for your garden, when you have the idea, get a surface that is resistant to water and does not deteriorate so easily, on that same surface you must pay the bottle caps and shape them, when you have finished paint them with the help of a brush and varnish them so that the color does not fade.

Give it order

An excellent idea to give order is to use that old staircase that you no longer use, open it in a corner where it looks good. Now that it’s in the place you like, you can add the pots and ornaments, you’ll see that it’s too nice a touch.