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Decoration of children’s rooms

decoracion habitacion infantil

Rooms are an important issue, as they are the places where we will spend most of our time. So we must make coherent decisions that are to our total liking; but this becomes a problem when the room we give to the task of decorating is about that of our little ones, since we know that our tastes are not the same as theirs.

So here I bring you the different options you can take into account when decorating your little one’s room, whether it’s a boy or a girl, in the same way it works.


The furniture that you handle in your child’s room should be a simple finish, as it can get to dirty or mistreat them. So it is advisable that they are wood colored, or some other neutral color he prefers, a great idea of furniture is a small booklet for you to put your stories or school notebooks, plus a small desk where you can organize.

Add a whiteboard

This is indispensable, since that is where they can carry out all their creative activities without endangering all the furniture in the house, as well as being able to organize themselves there for the tasks they will do during the day.

Good lighting

We want our child to feel comfortable, so make sure that during the day your room receives good light, in addition to a good light ceiling and do not forget the small lamp that will go on your bedside table, this will be extremely useful because if our little one wants to read, study, play a video game can do without the need to get up to turn off the light when he finishes.

This may be the one that your child prefers best and with which he feels more comfortable.