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Decoration of juvenile rooms

decoracion de habitaciones juveniles

When children leave childhood behind to plunge into complicated adolescence, things change. Not just on the inside, but on the outside. Your way of expressing yourself will be reflected in your room, as that children’s bedroom will need changes. Running away from patterns of bears and pastel toys, it’s time to decorate the youth room.

There are a number of issues to consider before choosing the ideal room decoration for your child.

Let him choose the room, he will sleep there so he must choose the decoration, of course, with your impeccable help and guide, you can contribute ideas, but they should never be imposed. The bedroom will be your refuge and a place to feel comfortable, as well as reflecting your personality.

It is very important to think about the space available, as there are solutions for each case.

A good idea is to draw a scale plan of the room to make the distribution of elements. In the plan should appear plugs and things that can not move.

To know the importance of the functionality is basic since there are very nice furniture but that are not useful for anything, at the moment of choosing the decoration of the dormitories you must think about the use that will have. Functional accessories and furniture are much better than decorative ones.
Choose a range of colours

Before you start looking at the furniture, you need to choose the colour range. The usual thing is to choose one or two colors and starting from it you will be able to play with the contrasts and combinations. Ask your child which colour he prefers.
Choice of decorative style

Although there is no need to choose a particular style, it is important that the elements are consistent with each other. Because a rustic bed doesn’t fit in a modern room. Style will give personality to the room.